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LaRocca Vineyards: Our Wines For Your Pleasure
LaRocca Vineyards Organic Wines
LaRocca Vineyards 2003 Blanc de Blancs Champaign
2004 Blanc de Blanc Organic Sparkling Wine
LaRocca family teamed with chef de cave, Didier Jacquet to pioneer the first certified organic domestic sparkling wine, with no sulfites. This Méthode Champenoise is estate-bottled and aged to perfection. Our brut, blanc de blancs offers natural effervescence with a light citrus and green apple experience. This wine is highly comparable to expensive French Champagne.

750 ml
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LaRocca Vineyards Chardonnay
2009 Chardonnay
Philip LaRocca, owner and wine maker, says his Chardonnay is “a white wine for red wine drinkers.” Estate bottled organic grape picked at the peak of ripeness, this vintage reflects the perfection of the vineyard. Dry, big, full-bodied with hints of pear, honey, and vanilla; amazingly smooth with brilliant depth. Fabulous with your favorite meal or served chilled for a casual visit with friends.

750 ml
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LaRocca VIneyards 2007 Chenin Blanc
2008 Chenin Blanc
A resurgent variety, estate bottled, wonderful floral aromas with a jazzy mouthful of ripe green melon mingles with vibrant spice, acidity, and honey on a lean elegant framework. For a balance crisp finish. Pairs well with almost any food, including fresh fish, pork, salad, and even curry; a wonderful delight for your favorite social occasion.

750 ml
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LaRocca Vineyards Cabranet
2012 Cabernet Sauvignon
Our Signature Wine

Our Cabernet Sauvignon is grown in Forest Ranch at 2,600 foot elevation. Estate bottled, high mountain organic vines are the foundation to our signature wine. There is a lot to admire in this ripe, rich, opulent varietal, a delicious red with hints of blackberry, black bing cherry, black plum, fig and smoke. Slight tannin to the mouth with a velvety smooth, soft finish; perfect with your favorite meal.

750 ml
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LaRocca Vineyard 2005 Late Harvest Lush Zinfandel
2005 Late Harvest Lush Zinfandel
Multiple Award Winner

The Late Harvest Lush Zinfandel was picked in November 24, 2005, allowing the grapes to hang longer on the vine. The grapes were picked at 34.5 brix at our Sutter Buttes Vineyard. Capturing the desirable effects of the Botrytis cinerea, the "noble" rot, this wine is rich, ripe and elegant with an enormous presence of raisin and luscious flavors of chocolate and berries which makes for a delightfully sweet finish. With hints of spice and pepper the wine is not overly powerful and is referred to as an aphrodisiac that only gets better with age. This wine pairs deliciously with a rich chocolate truffle or any desserts.

375 ml
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LaRocca Vineyards 2007 Merlot
2011 Merlot
This estate-bottled merlot is always popular; a grand vintage and a farming year to relish. Our vineyard is both beautiful and perfect for growing Merlot grapes.” Balanced and elegant, this wine offers a taste of red raspberry and cherry with a hint of oak. It has a clean finish with medium tannins. Pairs well with light red meat, lamb, prime rib and a variety of pastas.

750 ml
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LaRocca Vineyards 2006 Barbera Barbera
An Italian varietal grown in Butte County‘s agriculturally productive soil. This rich sculptured red offers amazing black fruit aromas, a burst of ripe berry and plum, with a smooth easy finish. The acidic nature of the fruit is easy on the palate with its lively texture of ripe berries and low tannin well balanced finish. Pairs well with red meat, duck, pork, lasagna, wild game or your favorite vegetarian cuisine.

750 ml
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LaRocca Vineyards Zinfandel 2006 Zinfandel
2008 Zinfandel
The most complex of our wines, this vintage is dry, big and full-bodied. Your palate is filled with characteristics of fresh ripe blackberry, black plumbs and fig with a combination of dried apricot, current and coco. With hints of smoky vanilla and lots of spice and black pepper on the finish, this wine is to relish and discuss. Pairs great with non-spicy rich meats and pasta dishes, including lamb and eggplant, the spice in the finish will enhance the meal.

750 ml


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LaRocca Vineyard Wine "2006 Zinfandel Rose' 2009 Organic Rosé
Fresh and crisp, this dry Rosé is big and beautiful. Made from 100% ripe red Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, the seeds and skins were separated with a whole berry cluster press, extracting the beauty of the berry and creating a smooth, crisp pink wine. Rose petal nuances, vibrant texture of strawberry, and a soft citrus flavor fills the palate with a light dry finish. Serve chilled on its own or pairs well with cheese plates, cold cuts, fish, pastas, and salads.

750 ml
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